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Your membership will help us maintain over 70 aircraft. That maintenance becomes more expensive each year as the aircraft age. The museum's income depends on maintaining and expanding our membership and attendance. Additional funds come from fund-raising events. We receive no financial support from the U.S. Air Force Museum, who own most of the aircraft. We urge you to join us in preserving and displaying our collection of historic airplanes.

Basic Membership Packages

Individual Membership | $50
Entitles member to free admission for one year.
Sustaining Membership | $75
Entitles member and one guest to free admission for one year, membership card, 10% discount in Museum Gift Shop, collectible patch, and subscription to the Foundation's newsletter.
Family Membership | $125
Entitles two adults plus all children (17 and under and immediate family) unlimited free admission to the Museum for one year. Also includes 10% discount in Museum Gift Shop, collectible patch, and subscription to the Foundation's newsletter.

Life Membership Packages

All levels listed below entitle the member to free admissions for the member and guest, membership card, certificate, continuing subscription to Newsletter, 10% discount in Museum Gift Shop, and collectible patch. The Addison Baker level includes 10 complimentary passes each year. The higher levels include 20 complimentary passes each year. Payment plans are available for $1,000 and above membership levels, and if needed, please visit the Museum instead should you prefer to make a payment in person.

Please note, complimentary passes are valid one year from the date issued. The passes are good the entire year except for special fundraising events.

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