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Home to over 80 restored vintage military aircraft ranging from pre-WWII to the present-day fighters, the Museum houses a fascinating collection of wartime memorabilia, uniforms, historic photos, and personal military artifacts from the past century. The Museum is proud to display the most complete lineage of Bomber Aircraft on the West Coast dating from prior WWII to the end of the Cold War spanning nearly 70 years.

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Castle Air Museum gives visitors a peek into the past and lends insight into the evolution of aircraft and the past milestones of aviation. It offers visitors of all ages a glimpse of what the future of aerospace might hold. Castle Air Museum has amassed the entire collection of U.S. Air Force jet fighters from America's first operational jet fighter the Lockheed P-80 to the amazing General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon from the Korean War to Desert Storm.


B-24 Liberator on display at Castle Air Museum

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Aircraft of the Month

OurB-29 is displayed as 44-61535 which was the original Raz'n Hell, however thisB-29 is a composite of three aircraft, (Tail) 44-61535 (Fuselage) 44-70064 and(Wings) 44-84084 which were recovered from the Naval Weapons Center at China Lake and restored entirely at Castle Air Museum. The markings, including the nose art, are Korean War era of the 28th Bombardment Squadron, 19th Bombardment Group.

Raz'n Hell is a reference to the VB-3 "Razon" high angle free fall 1000 lb. guided (flight controlled) bomb developed in 1944.

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