TF-102 Delta Dagger

The TF-102A is a trainer version of the single seat F-102A Delta Dagger Interceptor. The crew seating in the TF-102 is a side by side arrangement, commonly referred to as the "tub" because of it's bulbous forward appearance. The TF-102 was also used in the training of the Convair B-58 supersonic nuclear bomber of the 1960s to acquaint B-58 crews with the flight characteristics of a delta wing aircraft. 

The museum's TF-102A was recovered from the City of Sacramento which was utilizing the aircraft for crash escape training. Castle Air Museum is one of only three museums to have both the F-102A and TF-102A in their collection. The museum's TF-102A last served with the New York ANG at Suffolk County Airport in New York.