F-84C Thunderjet

Originating from a USAAF Day Fighter requirement during the later years of WWII, the F-84 was intended to replace the legendary P-47 Thunderbolt also designed by Republic Aviation. First flown in 1946, becoming fully operational by 1949 with the introduction of the F-84D. Eventually a total of 7,524 F-84s were produced including all variants. The Korean War witnessed the F-84 Thunderjet become the USAF's principle strike aircraft destroying 60% of all ground targets in addition to eight aerial victories over Soviet MIG Fighters.

The F-84 Thunderjet was the first aircraft flown by the United States Air Force Thunderbirds Flight Demonstration Team in 1953. The USAF Strategic Air Command also employed the Thunderjet from 1947-1957. Although the F-84 Thunderjet and F-84 Thunderstreak share the same designation number, and were both manufactured by Republic Aviation, the major difference is that the Thunderjet was a straight winged aircraft, while the Thunderstreak was a faster swept winged aircraft.

Here is what is known regarding the history of the museum's Republic F-84C Thunderjet:

Manufactured by Republic Aviation, Farmingdale, NY, and delivered to the USAF on July 14, 1952.
JUL 1952: To Sacramento Air Materiel Area, McClellan AFB, CA.
AUG 1952: To 6408th Maintenance and Supply Group (Far East Air Forces), Kisarazu AB, Japan.
SEP 1952: To 58th Fighter-Bomber Wing (FEAF), Itazuke AB, Japan, and Taegu AB, Korea.
APR 1954: To 6400th Air Depot Wing (FEAF), Tachikawa AB, Japan.
AUG 1954: Dropped from inventory by transfer to Mutual Defense Assistance Plan.